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September 14, 2011


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At our house, we call Autism Awareness Day "Julie Day." Our daughter is 19, and came home from ceoglle (yes, she's in ceoglle, majoring in English, and making the dean's list)this year to celebrate her day by eating one of her favorite dinners and then watching the Temple Grandin movie with the family. Your posts bring back memories of having a living tape recorder in the back seat, banging her head while reciting a story tape she'd heard only once; hearing her incessantly tell me how far past lunchtime it was; and loving animals. Now that she is grown, Julie realizes that she processes information differently from her roommates, and it bothers her to hear autism called a "handicap." All the best to your family.

Leisa A. Hammett

Thank you, Lisa, Jenny & Nancy! All the best to you three & your endeavors!

Lisa Quinones-Fontanez

I just peeked inside the book from the website - the photos are beautiful and the stories inspiring!

nancy at good food matters

Keep chuggin', Leisa--all good news. I am working on the Third Thursday Community Potluck Cookbook! After two-plus-years, we've served up a lot of terrific seasonal dishes, with easy-peasy recipes.

Jenny Martin

I am still working as a Director Of Nursing at a residential treatment center for Autistic children. Second career - was Master Level Social Worker for 20 years. I have this week taken over Dietary services to try to make a nutritional difference in these children's lives and....I'm going back to school full time to get a BSN or become a Physician's Assistant. So check with me in about 6 weeks and see if I have any hair left..I may have pulled it all out. Or could be possibly homeless due to the neglect of my family.

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