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December 04, 2011


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Leisa A. Hammett

Oh...Sweet Rowena. Thank you, dearest!



leisa, that whole first paragraph is like a prayer to me. thank you. i love every word of this.

Peter Burr

You done good, girl! You really captured a lot of the essence of #ON. It's a shame you couldn't stay for the GA and the intense and illuminating discussion of last night's action, arrests, etc. There were many mixed feelings expressed, and the efforts made by the facilitation team to give full opportunity to all would have fascinated you and made you jump for joy!

So soon you forget, though, that you *have* a fairly experienced social media *consultant*. BTW, just between you and me and your world-wide readership, I would have *never* believed that you are 51 had you not revealed it (though I did note your birthday on your Facebook page a few moments ago, which caused some raised eyebrows at the time, actually!) Finally, thanks for the "topless" ride! Someday, I'll get you in my classic Mini, if I ever get it back on the road.

Leisa A. Hammett

One more thing: it's not random that I placed the pictures of the social media tent right after my comment about consciousness rising. Consciousness is rising, aided by new media. I'm grooving that at 51, I can be a part of that. Now, can someone give me a hand at all the technical aspects that totally have me constantly freaked?!

Leisa A. Hammett

Threw in a couple pictures of myself and both are with Peter Burr, who is also pictured several other times. On the top of the second block of pictures, I love that at least one of the two women (the bespeckled young woman next to the woman with purple hair) is from the Vanderbilt Divinity School. YeAH! WWJD?!!

In that aforementioned picture, they are having a "teach-in," something that occurs several times a day. There's a couple of different pictures of this particular one and I love that I was able to capture in one some age diversity. And, I know the photos are small, but I think I still managed to capture the openness and respect on everyone's face for the person speaking. One of the teach-in's the day I was there was on MLK principles. Too cool. The fight for justice continues. For all people.

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