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May 16, 2012


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Leisa A. Hammett

Thank you, Margie. I am glad this was meaningful to you.


Beautifully expressed, Leisa! Thanks so much for writing this!!! I especially appreciate this description "the damning standards with which we judge and measure our children on the whacked-out scale of typical development." And will accept that description for my children too.

But more than that I appreciate this you have said: "But choosing that I'm going to embrace "what is"--the circumstances before me--has delivered to me peace. It brought Dara peace. And I have many friends across my city, state and this country who know this truth. They've given up comparing. They've given up wishing and hoping that it could be some other way. It does not mean they don't do everything in their power to help their children. It doesn't mean they abandon therapies and biomedical-supplement regimens, etc. Oh. No. Does not. Absolutely not. Nor does any of this negate the serious hardships our children and our families face with autism. It just means that they've given up the resistance. They've surrendered. And in that surrender comes the peace of acceptance."

This last comment I've quoted from above is what I also need to do more of because the truth is there and truth will set a person free! Again, thank you!

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