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May 09, 2012


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Gentle reminder...transition might be good if you're going straight to vocation but if you need college prep, academics AND life skills, you'll have to choose.

Leisa A. Hammett

Thank you, Margie, dear. This is an interesting comment of which I am not sure I fully understand. I do like the wording collective sigh of prayer. I can agree about that. Life can be prayer and prayer can be defined as meditation, in my experience. It is about connection to the Divine.

I do believe in winning for Grace and I want all our children to win. The challenge is not only the failure of the system to help us all win but that too many do not know that they can win. They give up. If I can encourage anyone to not give up, then I have succeeded.


And in my comment above, that would be Leisa (not Lissa) your voice is so important! And I will add that I am sure that many others than myself have learned and continue to learn and be aware of what our public school system is doing and is not doing and ought to be doing because of your willingness to treat this marathon as one who is running to win and becoming an arm of the HR department (and wearing many other hats!!!) Again, thank you!


Life is not a sprint, it's a marathon is one of Mark's (my husband's) favorite sayings. He has taken to saying it concerning our children especially. (I also like the term you used here, "neurotypical" and would like to see the qualifications.)

God is with you and He is with Grace, giving you both strength for the journey and I am grateful that you share this journey with us.

I realized soon after my daughter was born that there would be no "collective sigh of relief" for me because being a Christian mother, there is only the "collective sigh of prayer" this is not to bemoan anything. I have been and am trying to be grateful for every stage of life (structurd by our secular society) that my children have managed to fit through without losing their minds or suffering what appears to be emotional hell.

I am incredibly grateful to God for what He is showing me about the structure of life by the secular world and His aide through it. He has opened my eyes to a lot through knowing you!

Lissa, your voice is so important! Thank you for sharing with us here and in all you do and have done with our public school system.

God bless you always!

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