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June 10, 2014


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Leisa A. Hammett

Yes, Mary, it can sometimes be an ongoing battle for many of us. I think it starts with awareness and maybe having conversations with our younger loved ones about our own struggles. Since writing this post, ha, I saw some pictures taken of me this last weekend that evidenced how busy I was during April, which meant I chose to eat out every meal. Lunch and dinner! Hello! So, I've been challenged with authenticity to my words. I think the answer often is within loving ourselves, all of ourselves, and remembering our bodies, though they do need to be kept healthy and thus exercised and not over-fed, are just a shell to the real (spiritual) being of the us inside, which is what really counts. It's when we (I include me) get sucked into the cultural mindset that the outer is all we are and all that matters. xo.

Mary Bernard

Absolutely excellent post, Leisa! I struggle with this almost everyday. As the mom of a preteen, I have worked to not speak negatively of my own (or others') appearance.

It's terribly difficult, though, when other women family members go on and on and on about how fat/ugly/wrinkly/gray, etc. they look. My daughter is already talking about her "fat thighs."

Totally agree on the power of negative words, actions, thoughts, and emotions, too! They require so much energy and thus, contain a lot of power.

Always a work in progress! :)

Leisa A. Hammett

Thank you, Sandra--my friend in high school. Ha. Wow 33 years!


Whole heartedly
Damn spellcheck!! Lol


I took some time to think about your reflections and insight. I whole heartlessly agree with you. I realize I am less negative about myself at this age. It is what it is. It still surprises me when I have to say my age that I have to think about and then say I'm 53. It's almost a WOW moment. Where did the years go kind of moment. But then I think, in this year I will have been married 33 years, our son will be 32, I wouldn't change a thing.
Sure, there are things I would like to improve on physically but I can work on that.
Thank you for your honest feelings and challenging me to do the same.
Have an amazing 54 year!!

Leisa A. Hammett

Wow, Krista. Thanks for the accolades. And I love what you write here: We can use our words for speaking life. Yes! Lovely!

Krista Dial

Oh Leisa. :) I just love your posts. You are brilliantly insightful. I couldn't have said this any better. Truly, our words have power...and we should use them for speaking life...not death and negativity. Thanks for being you, Leisa.

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